located at scenery beauty emerging industrial city----Zhuzhou. It is a High-tech enterprise that research, produce and sales the high middle frequency power, the complete set induction heating equipment and the non-sign electric heating equipment. The company's technical force is abundant, research and development ability is strong. It has a group made up of experts, doctors. And establishes the closed cooperation with many scientific research institution and university. The main designers have engaged in the induction heating equipment manufacture and the electric stove manufacture profession for 12 years. Devotes in the electron tube high frequency power, the MOS solid state high frequency power, the IGBT middle frequency power, the high efficiency thyristor middle frequency power, the electric stove adjusting voltage power. Applies in heating situations such as smelting, heat penetration, quenching, high temperature agglutination, brazing, hot coordinate processing, semiconductor depuration. Serves in the casting, the steel and iron, the steel pipe, automobile and motorcycle spare parts, railroad, aerospace, machine manufacture, non-ferrous metal, hard alloy, solar cell.

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   PRODUCTS NAME:Compound pot bottom heating complete
Compound pot bottom heating complete sets of equipment
used in
Conduction of heat heating before rub pressure welding for round, square, ellipse and extraordinary splendor compound metal pot bottom
Heating 3~5 layer round, square, ellipse and extraordinary splendor compound metal pot bottom, high efficiency
Frequency of making : 5-10 pieces /Min
Even temperature for heating, The copper, stainless steel and stainless iron bottom even heating to starting forging temperature by the mechanical auto transmission with three times
Adopt CPU and PLC supervising the water, electric, air. Supply the audio, bright alert and trouble self-diagnosis
Adopt part induction heating, decreasing amount of polishing working. And open and use, no need to preheat
The whole is designed with mechanical and electrical. Smaller volume, simply install
Adopt only water cycling system. Number supervising for the rate of flow, PLC auto control system, CPU auto display and supervising for the rate of flow
Optional accessory: Touching screen, man-machinery system
Main technique parameters
Have other specifications to order for you.


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Add: LiYuTechnical industry garden,ZhuZhou,China
TEL: 0086-731-28306000 Postal code: 412007
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